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Pregnancy Massage Testimonials

A better sense of wellbeing and a healthier pregnancy.


  • In Home Pregnancy Massage For You & A Friend – North London

    I’ve have two excellent pregnancy massages from Eleonora. She came to my house and did a massage for both me and my best friend and I thoroughly recommend her services! Eleonora is very professional and takes time during her initial consultation to discuss any concerns or difficulties that you are experiencing during pregnancy. She put me at ease straight away and once she starts the massage she focuses on the areas that you discussed. The first time I had a massage I was so relaxed afterwards I had my first 6 hour sleep straight for months! She also is very knowledgable on all things baby and pregnancy related due to her doula qualifications and was able to offer me and my friend advice about giving birth which she followed up with an email after our session. I cannot sing her praises highly enough and hope that if you are reading this you will use my feedback as positive reassurance that her services are worthwhile!

    Anne Marie C. - Harringay, London N15
  • Pregnancy Massage To Relax And Ease Muscular Tension – Hampstead

    I love massages by Eleonora, because they are so unique. I have never before managed to relax so deeply into my body and to release all the tension in my neck and shoulders… Eleonora is so calm and present and dedicated, she is really giving her all in her work. Pre- natally and as a new mum, this is the best treat for my body. Really appreciated.


    Kristina N. - London NW3
  • Relaxing Nurturing Pregnancy Massage – Crouch End

    Eleonora’s hands and energy are very relaxing and nurturing… She takes care to get to know you and your needs, and has good contacts and network for other antenatal sources… I will be coming back to her again and have already recommended her to another friend on her pregnancy journey. Thank you Eleonora 🙂

    Anon - London N8
  • Pregnancy Massage Borehamwood

    Eleonora has been fantastic for me throughout my pregnancy. I have never had such a good massage – she understands the pregnant body so well and finds the areas where I need help without me having to say anything. She knows exactly how much pressure to use and leaves me feeling rejuvenated and uplifted after the session. She is such a calm presence that I can totally relax. I highly recommend her for any other pregnant ladies.

    Alisa F. - Borehamwood, WD6
  • Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage – Muswell Hill London

    Eleonora was amazing for the last couple of months of my pregnancy and for the weeks afterwards. I’ve had a lot of massages in my life, and hadn’t found anyone locally that really cut the mustard so when I found her it was a delight. She gave me some of the best massages I’ve ever had – they felt beneficial to my health and I slept better as a result. Also her experience as a Doula is really helpful as you know she fully understands and is considerate of what is happening to your body, particularly the last couple of days before and after birth. Highly recommended!

    Nicky D. - Muswell Hill, N10
  • Pregnancy Massage To Feel Rejuvenated – Haringey London

    I was introduced to Eleonora via my acupuncturist who recommended her… I have had several massages since, and every one is incredibly blissful and rejuvenating. I couldn’t recommend Eleonora highly enough. I look forward to having a few more sessions before our baby arrives!


    Jessica S. - Harringay, London N15
  • Pregnancy Massage At 8 Months Pregnant – Enfield London

    I am currently 8 months pregnant and have booked two 75 minute massages with Eleonora so far. Eleonora is really lovely and supportive. The massages were amazing and exactly what I needed. I also felt comfortable speaking to Eleonora about some of my worries and she very kindly offered her support and advice on labour and after care.
    I recommend Eleonora and her massages any day!

    Leyla B. - Enfield, EN1
  • Relaxing Pregnancy Massage To Cope With The Challenges Of Pregnancy – Barnet London

    I have had 4 pregnancy massages with Eleonora over the last few months. Eleonora has been so kind and warm. When I was feeling nauseous at the beginning of my pregnancy she gave advice and she has continued to check up on my progress.


    The massages have been wonderful and I don’t think I have managed to stay awake through a whole massage as they are so relaxing. If you are feeling a bit down and need a bit of tlc during the challenges of pregnancy Eleonora is definitely the lady to see.”

    Jess M. - Barnet EN4
  • Pregnancy Massage To Ease Aches And Pains – Whetstone Barnet

    I initially visited Eleonora for pre-natal massage, and I was so pleased with the results of the massages; the improvements I saw in my mobility, and the reduction in my pregnancy aches and pains, that I jumped at the chance to do a course of post-natal massage.

    Eleorona has always been extremely friendly, professional and courteous. Even under the rather distracting circumstances of conducting a treatment with a screaming 3 month old, she still managed to remain perfectly calm and complete the treatment.

    As a medical doctor, the most important considerations for me in any treatment are safety, hygiene and a holistic approach, and in my experience, Eleonora has always kept the absolute highest standards in all of these areas. I found the treatments extremely relaxing, and on each and every treatment saw a marked improvement in my mobility.

    Eleonora is always happy to focus on a problem area and has a wealth of tricks and techniques up her sleeve. I can’t thank her enough for all her hard work or recommend her highly enough. Thank you Eleonora.

    Michelle P. - Whetstone, Barnet N20
  • Massage Treatments Pregnancy – Crouch End Haringey London

    Fantastic Experience! Eleonora accompanied me through my pregnancy. Her massages are really excellent, very, very relaxing. Eleonora is also a very holding person that understands pregnancy and women particularities during this stage. Highly recommended.


    Jmena S.H. - Crouch End, Haringey N8
  • Pregnancy Massage For First Pregnancy – Whetstone London

    It was my first Pregnancy massage and I did not really know what to expect but it was great. At the end I was so relaxed that I wanted to stay there and sleep. Eleonora is very good and very professional. She has also given me a lot of good advice. I am really happy I have found out about her. I will definitely return.

    Sara N. - Whetstone, Barnet N20
  • Pregnancy Massage For High Risk Pregnancy – Enfield

    I’ve had a fairly complicated pregnancy and booked a massage with Eleonora a couple of months ago. She’s very professional, kind and supportive and I found the 75 minute massage very relaxing while easing tension away. I would wholeheartedly recommend this massage to anyone.

    Chiedza - Enfield EN4
  • Treat Yourself To a Pregnancy Massage – Enfield

    I recently had a pregnancy massage at Life Touch You. I found Eleonora very professional and the massage was very relaxing and a lovely treat whilst I was pregnant. I would recommend it to anyone.

    Judith - Enfield, EN2
  • Pregnancy Massage Support Body During Pregnancy Changes – Enfield London

    Being pregnant your body changes, and the changes aren’t always the most comfortable. Rib pain, back pain, hip pain, swollen hands and feet and tension in neck, shoulders etc. My session with Eleanora helped ease all of these and after a very thorough consultation, which also took into consideration the type of pregnancy I was having. I was given the most relaxing massage with additonal concentration being paid to areas that were causing the most discomfort… Even once I’ve had the baby I will continue to go to Eleanora for further treatments as she is very welcoming and friendly.

    Simone P. - Enfield, EN2
  • Professional Pregnancy Massage Treatments – Harringay

    Eleonora has a wonderful massaging technique and at 28 weeks pregnant, she has been an amazing addition to my pregnancy! She has a warm caring temperament whilst maintaining professional standards and the massages she provides are nurturing and relaxing.

    Lisa C. - Harringay, London N15