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Baby massage can relieve colic, improve baby's sleep, and help you bond on a deep emotional level with your newborn

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Pregnancy can put a strain on mum's body and emotions; release muscle tension and enjoy total relaxation for you and your baby


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If you need treatment for stiff neck, backache, poor posture or stress, book a professional massage in your own home


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Support through pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding can help you have a more positive experience of parenthood.

Doula, Baby Massage, Pregnancy Massage & Breastfeeding Support

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Specialising for 8 years in supporting women and their families during pregnancy, birth and post-natally

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  • Deep Tissue For Back & Neck Problems – Haringey

    Eleonora helped me with back ache and neck problems with two treatments of deep tissue massage. Very professional and warm. Very pleased with outcome and would highly recommend!

    Ejarin - Hornsey N8
  • Pregnancy Massage For High Risk Pregnancy – Enfield

    I’ve had a fairly complicated pregnancy and booked a massage with Eleonora a couple of months ago. She’s very professional, kind and supportive and I found the 75 minute massage very relaxing while easing tension away. I would wholeheartedly recommend this massage to anyone.

    Chiedza - Enfield EN4
  • Private Baby Massage Classes For Babies With Cerebral Palsy

    We had a private baby massage class with my NCT friends. My baby has cerebral palsy and I found the classes uplifting and gave me a really positive thing to do with my beautifully daughter to help her long term mobility. Eleanora’s approach was lovely, very constructive, relaxed and inclusive and we all really enjoyed the sessions. I’d highly recommend to any new mum.

    Sarah - Palmers Green N22
  • Postnatal Doula – Making Sense of Conflicting Advice – Hertfordshire

    I hired Eleonora as my postnatal doula. I was overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors, books and friends and was confused as to how best I should look after my new baby. Eleonora helped me develop the confidence to rely on my own instincts, and I genuinely feel that I am a better mum because I am less anxious now and much more able to enjoy my daughter.

    Emma S. - Borehamwood, WD6