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Baby Massage Classes in Barnet

Learn In The Comfort Of Your Home
Baby massage in Barnet

Studies show that baby massage has many benefits. These include strengthening the immune system, stimulating digestion, improving quality of sleep,  relieving wind and colic and many more.  Furthermore, the loving touch provided through baby massage strengthens the physical and emotional bond between you and your baby. After working with hundreds of families,  I now bring these benefits and offer baby massage classes in Barnet to help bring you and your baby closer.

Consequently, baby massage is best introduced early on in an infant’s life  (from as young as four weeks). Learning within a small group setting of up to 4 – 8 parents. Although I can offer this on an individual basis in the comfort of your own home if you book a adult massage.

Baby Massage Classes in Barnet Course Content

My courses are very thorough. Not only will you find that massage is a tool for communication and bonding, but it helps you to get to know your baby’s cues and personality. Throughout the 5 sessions we learn about baby development with massage as our tool.

Each course runs for five consecutive weeks. We meet once a week for 1 hour 30 minutes. Studies show this is the optimum time for both parent and baby time to learn and become accustomed to the massage.

Building on your bond every week

Each week focuses on a new part of the body. In addition, this is followed by a repeat demonstration of previous classes to give continued reinforcement. Adding new information where necessary. I teach a little at a time to ensure that you are confident with every aspect of the process. Furthermore, the strokes and styles of baby massage are demonstrated more than once and are easy to do.

In addition, I’m available for support by email or phone between sessions.

The whole course fee is just £60 per family. This includes five sessions of just over 1-hours each, baby massage stroke guides and a bottle of organic vegetable oil. 

To arrange a course or for further information on baby massage classes in Barnet, please contact me on 07735 980 620.  Finally, I look forward to showing you what baby massage can do for you and your family.