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Benefits of Pregnancy Massage – Interview

I have been contacted by the lovely Katie, of Sweetpea & George Maternity and Newborn Photography

Katie was interested in understanding some more aspects of pregnancy massage and it’s benefits so she interviewed me on the topic. If you too are interested keep reading….

Massage may seem like a frivolous luxury to some but it actually has many benefits. Can you give us lot’s of lovely reasons to book a package guilt free!
You are right, it may seem so but it is not! No reason to feel guilty! Why don’t we feel free to deserve? You deserve wellness, you deserve to be nurtured, you deserve abundance; spiritual, emotional and yes, physical.

The benefits of massage are many and are now scientifically proven! To name but a few: reducing anxiety, reducing high blood pressure, improving blood circulation which in turns means more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, improving joint mobility and reducing muscle tension. Increasing body awareness etc… I could go on and on!

Many people pay for health insurance but forget to invest in their health in a more active way. I make active choices for my health and that of my family, I invest in nutrition, relaxation, exercise, and optimal health more generally and I don’t need health insurance. I make my day-to-day life my health insurance and I reckon I save money by doing that. Plus I don’t have the small print!
But I understand for some people health insurance is what is needed, in this case though make sure they cover massage therapy ☺

You specialise in pregnancy massage in particular, so what are the benefits for a mum-to-be?
Specifically to pregnancy massage, the benefits actually extend to the baby as well. There is scientific research that proves its benefit, you just need to do a quick web search to discover it. It decreases levels of stress hormones (such as cortisol and noradrenalin) while encouraging the release of feel-good chemicals in the body (oxytocin and endorphines, but also dopamine and serotonin). Improved hormonal balance is also beneficial for labor, and the post-natal period.
Pregnancy massage can support blood flow to the uterus, placenta and baby, optimising oxygen levels and nutrients. It reduces anxiety and that is one of the main reasons it can be especially important for women that experience a high risk pregnancy. It improves sleep, and of course decreases muscular tension which is not to be under-estimated as during pregnancy certain muscles in particular work extra hard to keep the joints in place as the ligaments softens and there is more space in between bones.

To read the full interview click here.

You will discover the answers to these questions:

Does the baby get any advantages from mum having a massage apart from her being nice and relaxed?

On your website you speak about the mind, body, soul connection and the power of positive thinking can you tell us more about this?

You are a highly qualified masseuse and are specifically trained to massage women with high risk pregnancies. What do theses risks include and how can massage help in those situations?

When is the best time to start a course of massage treatments?

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