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Breastfeeding Essential Product and the Property of Silver

In my work I get asked all the time about what products ‘I reccomend’. With this in mind I started to write new blog posts on products.
Just to let you know I am chossing Amazon as an online reference to show the products I believe in, learning from mothers and what I experience in my work. Amazon because there is an ample choice of different products without the need to endornse anybody. Amazon has an affiliate program by wich I ‘earn’ a percentage ‘for each link used’. Please note this is a consequence of my choice that I am happy with but it is not my aim!
If you don’t agree with this you can simply copy and paste the name of the product on ‘google search’ to find it on your own.


Not the usual stuff

If you are wondering ‘what shall I buy to nurse my baby?’ this blog post is the right one for you to explore.

I will avoid going into details on the obvious such as, wear comfortable clothing with front opening if possible, a good quality bra, a comfortable cushion or two (either breast-feeding cushions or not), a good pump for expressing when you want/ need etc…

Instead I would like to go straight into the number one product that in my work I see making the difference to mums’ experience.

This is a product you unfortunately won’t normally hear of or see anything about, or at leats not yet…  And this is what motivated me to write, because it is, in my eyes, actually essential: the …nipple-saver!!


Silverette- breast protection while breast feedingDid you know that silver is medically used in wound dressings, creams, and as an antibiotic coating on medical devices?

Silver Properties
Silver has wonderful antiseptic and wound-healing properties and it is an effective tool for treatment of skin conditions as you can read in this Daily Mail article:

“Research has shown that silver is a powerful antimicrobial agent that is non-irritating and non-toxic,’ says Valerie Edwards Jones, professor of microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University. ‘Recent studies have shown that silver can kill up to 650 species of pathogenic microbes.”
The metal consists of thousands of tiny silver ions that prevent bacteria, viruses and fungi from spreading by entering the cell and deactivating proteins. The microbes cannot reproduce and die, so the spread of infection is prevented.” 

Where to buy the silverettes and what’s the price?
You can buy them from usually around £40. Yes I know… but surely your breasts are worth more than that, right?!

And if you think of it, you save on your weekly shop for nursing pads (making also ‘green’ choices) and some creams that your baby may not like the taste of anyway.

Also the silverette can be stored and used again for your second (or third) baby and if you have a girl you can pass them on once she grows and have her own children…it’s sliver!

869115bAnother interesting health products containing silver is

Higher Nature’s Active Silver (from £8.00). A solution of colloidal silver to spray on wounds or in the mouth as antibacterial to avoid infections or sore throat.


Are these silver cups for breasts easy to use?
Yes they are incredibly easy to use.
Simply place them over your nipple and use your bra as normal. Some mums like to put one nursing pad (that you can change once a day or every second day) over them and bra on top.
Once you take them off for the next feed, you may notice some milk has formed in the cup. This is actually protective of your nipple. Just discard the milk and rinse the cups with water. Once a day, or every second day you can clean them making a paste with bicarbonate of soda and water.
That’s all!
Low maintenance, stress free and especially cracks free!!

The silverette are a substitute of nipple creams. It will not mask poor latch issues, possibly resulting in a change of the nipple shape or nipple begin to crack etc.This products will only allow the nipple to heal more effectively and quickly. If the problem persist, it is important to address positioning and latch so baby can transfer milk and drain the breast effectively. In these cases, is always a very good investment to contact an IBCLC qualified lactation consultant. In the mean time though those I have seen these cups do miracles in reparing tissue so you can carry on breastfeeding.

Read on what two of the mamas and one other doula, say about the Silverettes:

“A friend told me about Silverette when I was almost about to give up on breastfeeding. The pain was so hard for me to deal with and no matter what I put on my nipples it just got worse and worse. I found there was no time for them to heal in between feeds and each feed was so painful. My friend is Italian and she said that her friend used them and they healed hers within 24 hours – I was willing to try anything at that point. I had used every lotion, they were all sticky and frankly did nothing at all. She was 100% right. Within 48 hours this amazing silver cups did exactly that and I wore them religiously for 8 weeks or so. Everyone laughed at me when they saw them because they are a bit madonna’esque but frankly I would have worn bananas on my head if it meant getting rid of the awful pain that I had. Because of silverette I managed to breastfeed so well that I continued until she was 1 and 3 months. I only needed silverette for a couple of months but they made all the difference in the world. Wear them from the second you have your baby and you will not have to go through any of the healing as they will keep you from cracking or bleeding – simply brilliant. Mum Jess 

Jess& Bug

I was at a BF drop in only a week ago and a woman there was using them and said they were fantastic!
Also, the lactation consultant endorsed them. And they come from Italy!!” Doula Sally-Anne

“The silverette are brilliant, they really helped me and not cracked or sore nipples! One of the best buy. Highly recommend!” Mum jess

Jess Savory & Lucas

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