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Common Back and Neck Conditions – Interview with the Expert Jane Johnson

Common Back and Neck Conditions. What can you do to ease discomfort. Video-Interview with the Expert Jane Johnson.

As a massage therapist I very often see people with tension on the upper part of the back, neck and shoulder.

To give advice and support to my clients and everyone out there who is interested in the topic, I have interviewed Jane Johnson a chartered physiotherapist expert in muscular-skeletal conditions.

In this video we explore:

  • How do we, as human begin,  perceive pain. Can pain be centralised by the nervous system? In case of chronic pain, Is the nervous system making the signal of pain to the brain a permanent one because it gets tired of sending the same message over and over again? If so, this means that even once the cause of pain is actually healed you can still feel the pain.
  • Why back pain is so common and what you can do to minimise disomfort. Is massage beneficial?
  • The implications of static posture on your body and why movement is so important
  • Can tight hip-flexors and/or hamstrings cause lower back pain?

I really hope you enjoy this video and especially that you can find all or some of the tips useful in your day to day life. I would love to hear your feedback so feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy healthy living.

Eleonora x

Back & Neck Pain. Interview With The Expert. Video

N.B. Please note this is my very first video. I am aware it’s not the best recording, frame and resolution. However I am so excited about the content of the video and the opportunity I had to speak with Jane about these topics that I thought it was more important to share it that having it ‘perfect’ first time.

And it reminded me that life can be beautiful even if it’s not perfect.

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