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Ante-natal Breastfeeding Preparation Session North London

For a smooth and confident start to breastfeeding

Ante-natal breastfeeding preparation session North London

Antenatal Breastfeeding Preparation Session North London

If you are pregnant and planning to breast-feed your baby, an individual antenatal breastfeeding preparation session may be just right for you.

IBCLC, lactation consultant Linda Smith says that during pregnancy only 5% of the brain focuses on breastfeeding while 85 % is focused on pregnancy itself and the birth. However in retrospective most women say they wish they had known more about the post-natal period and breastfeeding.

Knowing the breastfeeding basics before the birth of your baby may help you a great deal in those early hours and days after the birth of your baby.

AnteNatal Breastfeeding Preparation Session
A Four hours session £240.00 (including La Leche League leaflets notes for you to keep) in which we explore the following:

  • Skin-to-skin. Why is important, when to do it and how.
  • Crawl and self attachment. Also, general position and attachment.
  • Normal patterns of breastfeeding in the early days. How often how long, cluster feeding etc.
  • How you can monitor if your baby is getting enough.
  • What is supply and demand and how it works. The physiology of breastfeeding and how you can make sure your supply is just right.
  • The important role of the father in the early weeks and around breastfeeding. How can dad feel included knowing that is making a difference.
  • Breast massage and antenatal expression of colostrum. This is particularly important if you have PCOS, Gestational diabetes, are planning a C-section or are having twins.
  • Nipple confusion in the early days. How to avoid it and or how to control it.
  • Baby’s reflexes and cues. Learning hunger cues and related cry sound, as well as tired cues and related cry sound.

Breastfeeding Session £240.00
The antenatal breastfeeding preparation session can be bought as a package with the Birth Preparation Session for a total of £485
(Saving £55).
Combined birth preparation and breastfeeding sessions £485.00