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Birth Doula North London

For a stress-free and empowering birth experience to treasure forever
Birth Doula North London
North London Doula
Birth Doula North London

I work as a birth doula in North London.  Covering the boroughs of Enfield, Barnet, Haringey, Islington, Hackney, Waltham Forest. 

Since my Doula UK training in 2011 I have attended numerous births and my experience now ranges from home birth, to maternity wards and birth centre. I have attended beautiful natural labours and water births as well as being the support for mothers during C-section and VBAC’s. I have seen first time mother giving birth as well as second time mums and I have been there both during faster and shorter deliveries.

During these births I have:

  • Liaised with midwives and SOM when the need arose to protect the privacy and safety of the birthing space for mum, securing the room at the birth centre even when mums are ‘considered high risk’ (in the specific, a woman over 40’s and a mum who’s baby had a little heart abnormality.)
  • Supported couples under pressure of induction, helping them to understand the safe options when the mother was not confident to go ahead with induction.
  • Supported mums during induction when mum felt that was what she preferred to do.
  • Secured a home birth with NHS when there was a shortage of midwives.
  • Supported successful VBAC mums.
  • Assisted and supported mums during C-section.
  • Supported partner in feeling more comfortable and confident in supporting mum during labour
  • Been the practical help for all the comfort measure; pillows, towels, drinks, lights, music.
  • Under client request, took
  • Picture and recorded videos during birth.
  • Being present and supportive with breathing techniques, acupressure massage and/or visualisations and most importantly being silent and discreet when there was no need for involvement.

Birth Doula Package

A calm, discreet, comforting, and encouraging presence in the birthing room.

Birth Doula after 2

As your birth doula North London I will be available throughout your pregnancy in person, by phone and email.  My birth package includes:

  • Access to my online birth preparation course ‘9 Steps to a Positive Birth Experience in any scenario’
  • Four visits (3 or 2 prenatal and 1 or 2 postnatal. See below for what these sessions cover)
  • Up to 2 midwife/consultant appointments from week 40 of pregnancy
  • Unlimited phone or email support for up to 4 weeks after the birth of your baby.
  • Labour support. Continuity of care during the birth of your baby for as long as it is required (may be few hours or few days. Labor is a journey and it takes time) Including: massage during labor, rebozo techniques, tens machine for you to use etc.
  • I will be exclusevely on-call for you 24hrs a day from week 38 until baby is born. Note: the on-call period can be adjusted in special circumstances eg. twins, early medical induction etc.
  • Full avaiability as I only take one birth at the time. (No need of back-up) 

I will always do my best to support you in the way that works best for you. A doula is a calm, discreet, comforting, encouraging presence in the birthing room.

Birth Preparation and Labour – Prenatal sessions (part of birth package)

This is a time when we can get to know one another, growing comfortable in each other’s company. We will have the time to cover some interesting topics (see below) with the aim of empowering you in shaping the birth journey that best suits you.

  • Exploring your hopes and fears.
  • Stages of labour and the role of hormones.
  • Positions for labour as well as optimal fetal position.
  • The partner’s role
  • Birth environment (in hospital, birth centre and home) to promote a sense of security and calm
  • Natural and chemical pain relief. Pros and cons of each.
  • Different scenarios in birth, your options. 
  • Massage, rebozo and acupressure points in labour.
  • Your birth preferences to include in your hospital notes

When you begin your labour, we will be in touch via phone and I will join you as early as you want. I will then remain with you throughout your labour until the baby is born and you are comfortable and settled. During labour I will assist you in the way we discussed prenatally. Some women like hands-on support, while others prefer a quieter presence. Some partners like to be involved and be with mum at all times, while other prefer to be in the back ground. This will all be discussed pre-natal and we will act accordingly.

  • I will protect your privacy and quiet.
  • I will ensure your wishes are respected when you feel most vulnerable.
  • I will ensure you and your partner feel in control in case a new decision needs to be made. I am there to remind you of your options, questions to ask medical staff (in case of hospital birth) as well as the pros and cons, but I won’t be making decisions for you.
  • I will provide massage and/or acupressure points during labour if you want me to or I can teach techniques to your partner beforehand so he can massage you during labor.
  • Once the baby is born and placenta deliverd, I will protect your space while you bond with your baby. I am there for you if the need of support arrise with breast feeding. 

Postnatal Support  (part of birth package)

I will come back to see you and your gorgeous baby when you want. Ideally this will be a few days after giving birth. The aim of these visits is to debrief the birth together and support you in the transition into parenthood, making sure you are happily settling in and bonding with your baby. This is a time where I can help you with your recovering body after the demanding time of childbirth. I can also support you with feeding, good positioning and good latch, understanding your baby’s cues, showing you baby massage techniques as well as helping with other adjustments to parenthood.

Birth package (as described above) 

Get In Touch Call me on 07735 980 620 for an informal chat.  Alternatively you can email I mainly work in North London. In case of a birth centre or hospital birth, the following maternity units are within my area:

  • Edgware (birth centre)
  • Royal Free
  • Whittington
  • The Portland
  • UCLH
  • Barnet Hospital
  • Middlesex Hospital 


  • A common concern is that a doula will somehow try to take the father’s place. This is not the case as I am there to support you as a couple/family. I will make sure we discuss what level of participation you would both feel comfortable with and I will work within those limits. I will also provide peace of mind that, should the father need to take a break, get something to eat or choose not to be there for whatever reason, you will not be left alone unless that is your request.
  • From client’s feed-back, it is often the dads that benefits the most from having pre-natal sessions. They feel learning how labour works and what can be done to support mum makes them feel more in control and helpful during the birth of their baby.
  • As a Doula I will not give medical advice or perform medical examinations. I am there to support you and your partner/family emotionally, physically and practically.

For more information about my qualifications and the benefits of having a birth companion see the Doula North London page of this website.

Birth Doula Benefits Research

  • Research proves time and again that hiring a Doula is beneficial for the birthing woman.
  • It reduces the chances of medical interventions such as inductions, epidurals, instrumental births and caesareans.
  • Women who have continuous emotional and practical support from a Doula are less likely to request pain relief, tend to have shorter labour and have a more positive outlook on their birthing experience.



Benefits Of Having A Doula

  • Prenatal personalised sessions, aimed at helping you undersand your options.
  • Continuity of care.
  • Reduced fear and anxiety.
  • Support for your partner/family.
  • Care without agenda, judgement or expectation.
  • Less likely to have medical interventions during labour.
  • Less likely to feel the need to request pain relief.
  • Shorter labour.
  • More positive outlook on birth.
  • More in control and satisfied in the postnatal period.
  • Smoother transition into parenthood.
  • Support with breastfeeding.
  • A sense of empowerment from the birth experience.

As a doula North London I cover Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Islington, Hackney, Waltham Forest. For post-natal support please click here.