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Birth Preparation Session North London

Individual support to approach the birth of your baby calmly and confidently

Birth Preparation Session Across North London

If you want one-to-one individual support in preparation to birth but don’t wish to have a doula during labor, this may be the ideal solution for you.

Birth Preparation Session in North London

A four hours individual couple consultation in the comfort of your home in North London.
£300.00 for the session (including follow-up notes) in which we:

  • Chat about your wishes and your doubts.
  • Answering questions, addressing doubts, exploring wishes as an individual and as a couple. I can support you in writing the birth wishes you may want to attach to your notes
  • Learn the stages of labor, labor progress, brain and hormones dynamics etc.
  • Learn the various options in different scenarios (including pain medication or alternative solution to manage intensity) and prepare for the birth you want.
  • I can facilitate preparation to birth by providing the right resources and/ or contacts when and if needed.

Most of all, the time we spend together will be very practical and I can teach you and your partner the following:

  • Active labor positions
  • Massage techniques for labour
  • Using the ‘Rebozo‘ in preparation and during labor. (The rebozo is a long sturdy scarf you can use in different way to facilitate movement and release some pressure or intensity during labor).
  • Breathing exercises. Practice session, experimenting intensity with ‘ice contractions’.
  • Using sounds during labor
  • The power of the mind. Experience how a simple thought can affect hormonal release in your body.

After the session I will be sending you a pdf file with follow-up notes with easy reminders for you to keep. As well as any other resource or contact as discussed together during the session.

Birth Preparation Session North London £300.00
The Birth Preparation Session can be bought as a package with the Ante-Natal Breastfeeding Session for a total of £485.00
(Saving £55). The sessions are in the comfort of your home, across North London.

Combined birth and breastfeeding preparation sessions £485.00

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