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COVID-19 UPDATE: please note I am offering skype/ Zoom conslutations for birth preparation and postnatal support as well as offering a comprehensive online birth preparation course


Birth Postnatal And Breastfeeding Support

As a doula in North London I can offer you prenatal guidance as well as emotional and practical support during birth and/or in the postnatal period.

The birth of your baby is probably going to be the most memorable time of your life. I am here to help you prepare for the event so that the birth-day, and/or the first few weeks after the birth, can be the most enjoyable and comfortable moments.

I often hear parents-to-be say how confused they are about all the contradictory advice they hear and receive.

My role is to help you find your voice, understanding the various options around birth and/or the postnatal period including baby development. I focus on helping you gaining clarity and confidence so you can calmly make the choices you want to make while enjoying this special time.

The support I provide as a doula in North London is discrete, calm and respectful of your own choices. Supporting and nurturing you and your family so you can look after each other.




Online Birth Preparation Course

Your comprehensive guide to childbirth

Birth Preparation Session

Individual support to approach the birth of your baby calmly and confidenlty.

Birth Support

A calm, discrete, comforting and encouraging presence during pregnancy and birth.


Ante-Natal Breastfeeding Session

For a smooth and confident start to breastfeeding.

Postnatal Support

Supporting parents, nurturing you and your family.

Doula Testimonials

Kind words from new parents.

Benefits of Having a Doula

  • Continuity of care.
  • Reduced fear and anxiety.
  • Support for your partner/family.
  • Care without agenda, judgement or expectation.
  • Less likely to have medical interventions during labour.
  • Less likely to feel the need to request pain relief.
  • Shorter labour.
  • More positive outlook on birth.
  • More in control and satisfied in the postnatal period.
  • Smoother transition into parenthood.
  • Support with breastfeeding.
  • A sense of empowerment from the birth experience and early weeks post-partum

As a Doula in North London I cover Barnet, Enfield, Haringey, Islington, Hackney, Waltham Forest. 


  • Postnatal Support For Baby Colics – Hampstead

    I met Eleonora when my first daughter was born in 2013, as I took part to her baby massage course… She combines an impressive medical/pregnancy/birth-related knowledge with a clear love for mums and babies and a touching ability to listen, a very rare virtue to come across these days. She is empathic yet always leaving space to the family members. She also is a great cook and a brilliant massage therapist. I have met and worked with other doulas in the past but Eleonora is just above and beyond and I could not recommend her more!

    Lucia C. - Hampstead NW6
  • Postnatal Doula – Making Sense of Conflicting Advice – Hertfordshire

    I hired Eleonora as my postnatal doula. I was overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors, books and friends and was confused as to how best I should look after my new baby. Eleonora helped me develop the confidence to rely on my own instincts, and I genuinely feel that I am a better mum because I am less anxious now and much more able to enjoy my daughter.

    Emma S. - Borehamwood, WD6
  • Birth Doula Support Water Birth – Barnet

    Eleonora acted as our doula during the birth of our daughter. She provided us with invaluable support antenatally, on the day our daughter was born, and postnatally. She was calm, nurturing, reassuring, helpful, and professional during every moment she spent with us. My husband and I felt incredibly well supported emotionally and practically. She did everything from whispering “well done” while rubbing my back as I worked through a difficult contraction to assisting with my luggage as we travelled to hospital. This allowed me to focus completely on delivering our baby and my dream scenario of a water birth (Whittington birth centre) came true. If I had experienced any complications, I am confident Eleonora’s soothing and encouraging nature would have made a trying situation much more manageable. The birth of our daughter was a very positive and empowering experience for our family and we can’t thank Eleonora enough for the role she played during this very special time in our lives.

    Lisa W. & Dave A. - Finchley, Barnet N12
  • Postnatal Doula – Second Time Parents – Muswell Hill London

    We were so pleased to have found Eleonora as a post natal doula after the birth of our second child. All the family loved having her in the home. Her advice, warmth, help and excellent cooking enabled us to enjoy the precious early days.

    Ellie is incredibly professional and yet so personal, I really enjoyed this approach. Would highly recommend

    Carole S. - Muswell Hill, London N10

Qualified And Experienced Doula

I am a fully qualified massage therapist (BTEC NVQ4) regularly practicing since 2008. Specialising in pregnancy massage, with two diplomas in massage during pregnancy. My experience today allows me to also treat women in their first tremester and ‘high risk’ pregnancy. 

  • NVQ 4 Holistic Massage therapist
  • Pregnacny Massage Diploma, full body and abdominal.
  • Pregnacny and Post-Natal Massage Diploma. (Well-Mother, Susanne Yates accreditation)
  • Deep Tissue Massage, back & Neck conditions CPD’s
  • Baby Massage Instructor Certificate __ International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)
  • Conscious Birthing Doula certificate __ Doula Uk recognised member
  • Water Birth, day workshop certificate (CPD)
  • Lactation/ Breast-feeding workshops certificates (CPD’s). A&P, Physiology, Tounge Tie, Hand expressing & pamping protocols etc.__
  • Wise woman: using Active Birth with medical interventions, day workshop (CPD)
  • Rebozo techniques for birth and post-natal care, closing the bones. Workshops. (CPD)

I learn and grow everyday, always taking time to reflect on my practice.

I have a long personal history of meditation, Qigong and Yoga practice as well as being passionately interested in nutrition and Anatomy& Physiology.

I constantly read on the topics of anatomy and physiology, birth, child development, parenting and take any opportunity to listen to world leading speakers and educators on those topics.