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Cooking Doula in North London

In-home family cook and postpartum support for growing families

the cooking doula


Cooking Doula for deliciously healthy homemade meal in your own home in North London

I have had a personal interest in nutrition since I can remember, and being Italian meant I was always in the kitchen cooking with family.

Due to my own food intolerances and allergies (I am coeliac), my family and I always had to be creative in the kitchen. And because I love food I was motivated to find tasty and healthy way to satisfy my pallet and my soul, despite what at first seems to be a restricted diet. 

I am now proud I can cook healthy and nutritious home-cooked meals with ease and I can offer that to you too. I am already the family cook of a few growing families, and I will be happy to discuss your requirements too. 

I can cook fresh delicious meals in your own home.  We are a particularly good match if you or a member of your family has food intolerances, allergies, is coeliac or simply wants to try a gluten and dairy free, but delicious diet.

I am very familiar with low carbs and low glycemic index (sugar) diets. Yet a diet that can include yummy snacks, cakes and desserts. 

Here is how it works

  • We chat about your requirements
  • I create meal options to suit the dietary needs and tastes of your family.
  • We agree on how often you would like me to come to your house weekly, fortnightly or monthly to prepare healthy homemade meals from scratch.
  • I can organise online shopping and food delivery for you. 
  • I then put on my ‘cooking doula & family cook hat’ and start cooking amazingly healthy meals in your kitchen.
  • I leave your fridge and/ or freezer stocked with nutritious meals that are perfect for lunch or dinner.
  • And of course, I clear up when I’ve finished so there is absolutely nothing for you to do except enjoy the dishes I’ve prepared.

Your own family-cook and cooking-doula is particularly good in the post-partum period, when you are recovering from the birth or when you’re breastfeeding. At this time there is plenty to do and think about besides shopping and cooking! Yet what you choose to eat at this time is vitally important for your baby’s wellbeing as well as your own.

having a cooking doula can greatly facilitate family dynamics, leaving you to enjoy your time together even more. 

Hiring a family cook is also important in any moment of life when you need to satisfy the nutritional needs of a growing family, but don’t have the time to dedicate to cooking. 

I can create dishes designed around nutrient-dense foods that support the needs of your family, post-natal recovery or a breastfeeding mother.

And, as some of my clients say, there is something special about being cooked for! 

Cooking doula fee

My hourly rate for cooking doula services is £40 

Usually, in a 3-hour slot, I can make at least three dishes and two sides or pasta sauce as well as clean your kitchen. This gives you over 4 days of healthy home-cooked food to enjoy.

Batch cooking sample menu ideas that will fill up your fridge or freezer with healthy homemade meals

The dishes I prepare will be of course based on your likes (and dislikes!) and will be agreed together.

I tend to naturally cook gluten, dairy-free, and sugar-free. I can easily accommodate other food allergies such as nuts or eggs, or diet requirements such a vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian. 

The following is a taste of the type of cooking I can do:

  • Quinoa stuffed squash with kales and chickpeas. 
  • Vegetable-rich turkey meatballs
  • For those of you that want a touch of Italy in their kitchen, Lasagne!! Either be the classic lasagne with a vegetable-rich ragu’ or a vegetarian option. (Dairy and gluten-free options too)
  • Vegetable-rich chicken cacciatore. A healthy and tasty casserole dish. 
  • Soups, e.g squash carrots and coriander, celeriac with white fish, broccoli and kale, etc
  • Vegetable-rich meatloaf
  • Pasta sauces: homemade gluten and dairy-free pesto, vegetable-rich bolognese sauce, tuna olives & capers sauce, red tomato-free pasta sauce with beetroots and umeboshi plums
  • Post-natally meat broths (e.g poached chicken in shitake broth) can be particularly nourishing, to create warmth and build ‘digestive fire’. Broths also support immune functions so you can be at your best for your new baby.
  • Energy bars for incredibly healthy and nutritious snaking

Added benefits of hiring me as your family cook and cooking doula

  • A tailored food plan you can look at when you can’t think what to cook
  • Shopping ideas to always have the basic ingredients you can easily make good meals with!
  • Quick meal ideas you can make on your own in 20 minutes or less
  • Free ‘cooking lessons’ if you choose to watch me or participate in the kitchen
  • Focus on food intolerances and allergies