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Eleonora Lawson

Pre & Post-Natal Massage Specialist, Doula and Baby Massage Instructor
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Eleonora Lawson

Pre & post-natal massage specialist, doula and baby massage instructor.

Hi, my name is Eleonora Lawson and I live in North London. I am a massage therapist specialising in deep tissue work; treating muscle tension and muscle imbalance in both pregnant and non-pregnant. I also work as a birth and postnatal doula and baby massage instructor.

My biggest value is health. I love healthy living!Taking responsibility for my health makes me feel empowered to live a richer life. A life full of energy, vitality, passion and freedom.Health to me means freedom.

Why Choose Life Touch You

  • Treatments in the comfort of your own home. Particularly nice after the treatment when you don’t need to do any traveling. This is also incredibly helpful in the postnatal period with a newborn around. To see if I can cover your location please click here
  • A free consultation that will give you the opportunity to revise your health priorities while encouraging you to take control of your own health and wellness.
  • A free initial meeting for birth and/or post-natal support.
  • Dedicated in treating muscle tension and muscle imbalance with a variety of deep tissue techniques. (Also during pregnancy)
  • An individually tailored massage.
  • Dedication in helping you to find your balance, improve your health and well-being.
  • After-care advice to ensure beneficial, long lasting effects.
  • Specialist in pregnancy massage. Qualified and experienced to also treat during the first trimester and ‘high risk’ pregnancy.
  • Full support for pregnant ladies in preparation to birth, during labor and postnataly. See Doula Norh London Services
  • Baby massage instructor. And post-natal doula. Knowledge of child development.

My Mission

Put simply, to enhance well-being and happy living.

If you want a longer explanation: to support people making healthy choices.Supporting women and their partners/families throughout pregnancy, during birth and in the postpartum period; promoting relaxation, nurturing touch and bonding with their babies as well as bringing the power of touch to the early stages of life as a life-long benefit. Because families and children are the future.

My Background

Before deciding to become a massage therapist, doula and baby massage instructor, I had a successful career working many years for major companies in the sportswear and fashion industries. I understand the stresses of being in high-pressure situations and, through massage therapy, I now support professionals in finding balance and equilibrium in their hectic everyday lives. I believe taking responsibilities for our own health is the answer to total well-being. The power is in our hands.

I have been interested in massage, wellbeing and nutrition for over 10 years. During stressful periods in my life I have resorted to yoga, Qigong, homeopathy, nutrition and massage to help relax and heal myself. Impressed by the results of an integrated approach to health, functional medicine and natural therapies, I decided to work in this field.


  • BTEC level 4 diploma in holistic massage, the highest recognised qualification for therapists in the UK,
  • Two diplomas in pregnancy, abdominal and full body.
  • Infant massage instructor certificate (IAIM – International Association of Infant Massage)
  • Peer massage instructor certificate (MISP – Massage in Schools Program).
  • CPD points in:Advanced deep-tissue techniques, various anatomy and physiology courses (with Jane Johnson, chartered physiotherapist and author of many books). Breastfeeding, water labor and water birth workshops.
  • Fully recognised birth and post-natal Doula originally trained with Doula UK
  • Lactation studies days (for a total of 50 hours)
  • Birth and postnatal worskshops CPD points in:Water birth, active birth with medical interventions, rebozo, closing the bones for post-natal care
  • Somatic Practitioner and SExologycal Bodyworker (The Sea School of Embodiment)

I constantly further my knowledge in complementary therapies, attending study days with world-leading experts on the topics of pregnancy and bodywork, Anatomy and Physiology, childbirth, breast-feeding, child development and baby massage.

I am proud and happy to be constantly learning and evolving.

Feel free to explore my website, visit my facebook page or call me to book a free consultation or a treatment.

Happy healthy living,Eleonora

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