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Sex Life

Sex Life | Sex Coaching For Individuals And Couples

Sex Coaching and Bodywork

Because Your Most Intimate Self Matter

As a Sexologycal Bodyworker in North London, I support individuals who want new experiences with their body, their sensations, their pleasure and sexuality. Ultimately with Eros, as in life force energy and self-expression. 

Through Sex coaching and bodywork I can support you If  you:

  • Have a deep desire to feel more alive
  • Want to know your sensual and/or erotic needs more and be able to voice them freely
  • Need to reconnect with your body
  • Want a truly intimate relationship with yourself, one of joy and pleasure
  • Wish you were more in touch and ‘control’ of your libido 
  • Desire to widen your orgasmic potential
  • Feel passionate about taking your and/or your partner-s sexual satisfaction to new lands of pleasure

Sex coaching and bodywork practice is based in somatic; with and for the body. This means that it’s based on practical explorations, using movement, breath, voice and/or touch. 

Sex coaching and bodywork can help you improve physical intimacy with yourself and your partner-s as well as supporting self-love and thus loving others more authentically and deeply. Because when we are at peace with our most intimate self, free from trauma and resistance; we become more open, receptive, and deeply satisfied. In this state of being we cling less on others and stop being demanding, while more simply communicating our needs and wants. Paradoxically in this state of being, we can also more easily listen to others needs and wants. We are in touch with our authentic yes’s and no’s, and know how to set healthy boundaries with empathy and love. This all contributes to greater overall satisfaction. 

The love life we have with ourselves and the sexual gratification we have with partners, have ramification in all aspects of relating. 

It’s time to prioritise it now.