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Embodied Counselling

Safely holding the space for you

Embodied Counselling

Having a non-judgmental listening ear that can hold the intensity and weight of your uncensored emotions is an important part of being and, a vital part of healing. This safe, uninterrupted, uncensored quality time is the space that frees parts of us. And through that freedom can come resolution. Through resolution can come life-force and creativity. This is the space that gets us unstuck.  

During an Embodied counselling session I will hold the space for you to notice, value, communicate and accept what is. We will co-create a safe space that allows for transformation to happen. 

Embodied Counselling empowers you through mobilising your ability for growth and healing. It guides you with breathing, movement and/or sound to be in your body. Feeling the feelings, or lack of. Through your body you can access wisdom beyond what you can access through only thinking and talking. 

Learning to focus on what you are experiencing through your body, empowers you to become you most intimately powerful self, it enables you to overcome even the most challenging of experiences. 

As an embodiment coach with psychodynamic counselling skills, I emotionally and practically support individuals experiencing intense states of emotions that may be bringing a sense of duelling and duality. From becoming a parent, or going through in-fertility, to addictions (sex or porn), or facing separation/divorce, loss of a dear one, or one’s own terminal disease. 

When we work together, I can support you with:

  • Having a protected space to express your deepest self. Your hopes and fears.
  • Regulating your nervous system back to safety
  • Feeling at home in your body, letting emotions express and manifest
  • Using emotions to create movement that guides you from a place of internal knowing
  • Breaking down unpleasant feelings of guilt, shame, anger, embarrassment, disappointment, frustration, vulnerability. Freeing space for a more authentic personality to shine.
  • Embracing the light and the shadow of the self, healing through acceptance
  • Remaining at choice in high intensity states, feeling empowered
  • Reconnecting with your body to a sense of arriving at home. Feeling at peace, safe, secure and alive within the self. 
  • Reconciling with one’s own erotic energy, pleasure and bliss states.

My work is based in somatic; with and for the body. Because mammals learns through experiences more than through conversations and because the ancient nervous system (movement, body language) works much faster than the recent front lobe of the brain (Speech, thoughts).
For this reason, please expect both online or in-person sessions, having an invitation to somatic practices. This is expressing and exploring your state of being and/ or emotions through movement, breath, voice and/or touch.