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Doula Testimonials

Building trust – Supporting change and growth – One family at a time.

I mainly cover the boroughs of Enfield, Barnet, and Haringey.

Postnatal Doula – Making Sense of Conflicting Advice – Hertfordshire

I hired Eleonora as my postnatal doula. I was overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice from midwives, health visitors, books and friends and was confused as to how best I should look after my new baby. Eleonora helped me develop the confidence to rely on my own instincts, and I genuinely feel that I am a better mum because I am less anxious now and much more able to enjoy my daughter.

Emma S. - Borehamwood, WD6

Birth Doula – Chingford London

We Hired Eleonora as our Birth Doula. She was a great help during pregnancy and labour with massage and relaxation techniques. She respected and supported our choices helping us to understand options, but without trying to change our decisions. Postnatally she was also caring and kind and we loved her presence. We plan to relocate abroad but would love to use her Doula services again if we were to stay in London. Highly recommend

Ildiko B. - Chingford, E4

Birth Postnatal Doula Support – Crouch End London

We hired Eleonora as a birth doula for the arrival of our second daughter Frieda in May 2014 and also for post-natal support. We really couldn’t be happier and she has been invaluable in helping us have the birth we wanted and for me to have an enjoyable, relaxed first few weeks at home with the newborn. What I think is most remarkable about Eleonora is her unique combination of empathy and discretion whilst also being extremely knowledgeable, practical and assertive if needed. We felt very comfortable with her from the first meeting and worked through preparing for a potentially tricky labour – a VBAC in hospital (UCLH). With excellent support from my partner and Eleonora, I delivered a healthy baby girl with only gas & air and minor tearing. There were multiple suggestions for medical interventions but my birth partners helped me stay strong, confident and ‘in the zone’ throughout labour. As a post natal doula Eleonora’s help with cooking beautiful healthy food (and yes, the occasional cake!) and giving gentle restorative massages has been superb, and the whole family appreciates the food and chilled out mummy. So, I may just have to keep having babies to have Eleonora around

Britta H. - Crouch End N8

Birth Doula Support Water Birth – Barnet

Eleonora acted as our doula during the birth of our daughter. She provided us with invaluable support antenatally, on the day our daughter was born, and postnatally. She was calm, nurturing, reassuring, helpful, and professional during every moment she spent with us. My husband and I felt incredibly well supported emotionally and practically. She did everything from whispering “well done” while rubbing my back as I worked through a difficult contraction to assisting with my luggage as we travelled to hospital. This allowed me to focus completely on delivering our baby and my dream scenario of a water birth (Whittington birth centre) came true. If I had experienced any complications, I am confident Eleonora’s soothing and encouraging nature would have made a trying situation much more manageable. The birth of our daughter was a very positive and empowering experience for our family and we can’t thank Eleonora enough for the role she played during this very special time in our lives.

Lisa W. & Dave A. - Finchley, Barnet N12