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Sexological Bodywork

What Is Sexological Bodywork?

What Is Sexological Bodywork? 

Sexological Bodywork (Sex Bod) is a method that support individuals that want new and deeper experiences with their bodies, their intimacy and their sexuality. 
It’s an approach that provides a safely held space allowing uncensored somatic explorations, with the intention of getting to know your intimate self more and unlock the door for authenticity, and free expression. 

The work invites to take a very deep embodied approach to getting to know your pathways to pleasure, explore possible blocks and unlock what truly satisfies you. While this can include receiving erotic touch when appropriate, it often doesn’t, and it focuses instead on other somatic aspects. 

Somatic (from the Latin word ‘Soma’ = ‘Body’) means with and for the body. In Sex Bod terms this means that all explorations use one or all of the somatic elements: breathing, movement, voice and touch. The body’s first language response. 
Sex Bod can also be referred to as Somatic Sex Education or Embodiment Coaching. 

It allows for intimate exploration, inevitably touching on weakens & strengths, shadows & light, pain & pleasure. It empowers you to have a truly authentic and intimate relationship with your whole self, your body and its erotic charge.  

Who is Sexological Bodywork for?

If you are interested in unlocking your intuition and reconciling with yourself so you can trust again; if you want to understand more about your body, your pleasure and step into your power; Sex Bod sessions give you that safe held space and guidance to discover it.  Whether at the moment you feel it or not, the creative erotic energy within you is the key to live a fully turned on, pleasure-filled life. And not only sexually! 

Sex Bod is for you if:

  • Would like to rediscover and or reconcile with your body. For example, after having had a baby, or due to poor body image or past trauma from bullying. 
  • Want to break an habitual patter you somehow feel bored or stuck in. 
  • Want more pleasure and satisfaction in your intimate life
  • You struggle to ask for what you want, or even knowing it, and you want to become fluid in asking, verbalising and expressing yourself. 
  • You want to be comfortable in surrendering and receiving.
  • You want to learn how you can feel pleasure when giving.
  • You want to learn more about self-pleasure and expand your sexuality and potential. 
  • You need practical sex education that breaks tabu and shame and allows learning and discovery your sexuality. 
  • Want better sex, more spontaneous, expressive, passionate. 
  • You want more choice around orgasm. For example, you want to experience a different type of orgasm, a full body orgasm. Or for women, a G-spot or ejaculatory orgasms. For men, more control with ejaculation or a non ejaculatory type of orgasm. 
  • You want to rely less on porn to feel aroused. 
  • You desire more presence with your partner during lovemaking, without the need for ‘secrets fantasies’ in your own mind to feel aroused. 
  • You have anxiety or trauma around intimacy that you want to overcome
  • Are bored / desire to integrate something new
  • You are experiencing a change in your libido that is somehow confusing you.

What To Expect From A Sexological Bodywork Session

Sex Bod sessions are a co-created space. It starts with a ‘somatic chat’; both breathing to feel into the body and talking to establish what needs are present in the moment. This often involves covering hopes, fears, desires, needs and boundaries.
A somatic experience is then designed in accordance with this, an agreed upon before stepping into the practical part of the sessions.
The practical part may include all or some of the somatic elements of breathing, movement, sound/ voice, touch.

Following a coaching model, Sex Bod sessions invite self-enquiry:

  • What do you notice in your body with this touch? …or breath or movement or stillness (depending on the exploration in progress)
  • Can you find words that come close to describe how it feels?
  • Can you intensify (or reduce) the sensation?
  • Do you notice any interference/ internal dialogue? (Judgment, shame, fear)
  • And how is it like to notice what you are noticing?
  • What do you need right here and right now?

Is when we allow ourselves time to slow down, stay present with what is, notice and value the noticing that we will experience ah!ah! Moments. When the process is safely guided and held throughout, it allows you opening the door to intuitions and inner guidance. Because the source is within you.

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